Severe Droughts Are Becoming More Common

Since time immemorial there have been droughts that resulted in famines. Droughts are defined as a prolonged period without rainfall. The drought is usually regional.

Now there are serious droughts all over the world. From 2003, Australia had a protracted and harsh drought that occurred in portions of Australia. It was the worst drought on record. As of November 2006, the late winter and mid spring rains didn’t happen. The drought has lasted into this year. Somalia in East Africa has suffered from a drought resulting in famine from 2009 to 2011. Portions of the Amazon basin have endured the worst drought in one hundred years.

According to the Palmer Drought Index a severe and great drought touched 24% of the conterminous United States at the end of May 2012. About 44% of the conterminous United States was ranked from lower to great drought class at the end of May 2012.

Right now there are serious wildfires in the West due to the drought. There are wildfires all over Colorado and New Mexico. There are wildfires burning in Arizona, Utah, Nevada, southern California, Idaho, Wyoming, and northwest Nebraska.

This is the proof that severe droughts are more frequent or common.

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