What’s Causing Global Warming?

In light of recent research, it’s tough to debate the adverse effects of global warming. The rise in earth’s average temperature has resulted in rising sea levels, unforeseen animal migration, severe storms, and a number of other maladies for our society.

In order to stop the process, we need to know what’s causing it. Here are three of the biggest reasons:

1. Carbon emissions from power plants. Coal burning forces a huge amount of carbon into our atmosphere, and that’s the largest impetus for the weakening of our atmosphere. Today, we rely on coal burning for much of our energy production, but that could change in the near future. You can do your part for the envrionment by transitioning to a green energy plan of your own – check out some more information on the subject at

2. Methane emissions from animals. Believe it or not, cows alone are responsible for a large portion of the greenhouses gases that seep into the atmosphere. When cows excrete, the digestive bacteria in their stomachs forces a harmful release of methane. Some farmers are working to mediate the issue by feeding their animals more environmentally friendly foods like alfalfa.

3. Deforestation. Trees play a huge part in our earth’s health. With more and more forests getting cut down, there are fewer trees around to transfer carbon dioxide into oxygen. Thus, fewer trees means more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere.

The more we learn about these processes and their alternatives, the better off we’ll be.

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