Why Should We Care that the Earth is Getting Warmer?

With all this Global Warming talk, why should I care if the Earth is getting hotter?

I think there are a lot of people with this question on their mind, especially for the people who are living in climates where maybe a little warm air would make their life a lot better. It’s short, the hotter the Earth gets, the more the world climate changes.

See, the Earth is part of a very delicate balance. We can forget that there is a big world out there, but ever cloud and piece of evaporated water in the world depends on the temperature and atmosphere of the earth. There are huge regulators we call Glaciers that make sure the temperature of the earth stays the way it is. When these large ice pieces fall apart they fall into the ocean like ice cubes falling into a full drink. The water has nowhere else to go except onto land. This is land people live on like the coasts of the world.

Not only that, with more hot water around there’s more evaporation and more water in the air. M

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